Monday, August 22, 2005

Make Sure the Losers Take the Blame

I think conservative voters will never fully comprehend the mistake of invading Iraq unless we allow the moral and intellectual disasters known as Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc., to complete their deadly mistake there (whatever "complete" means in their withered minds; personally, I think they never intended to leave, as 14 permanent, newly built American bases will attest). Please understand now that I am speaking incredibly sarcastically. I don't want this to be the case.

We cannot win in Iraq if we stay for fifty years, and we cannot win in Iraq if we leave tomorrow. It's a no-win situation. It's the Iraqis' country, and their "liberating" rebels/terrorists are not going anywhere. No matter how "noble" our cause, IT'S THEIR COUNTRY (just the same as it would be our country if someone invaded us). They have nothing better to do than to fight us for as long as we are there, especially since Bush and Cheney gave most of our tax money to Cheney's Haliburton instead of to those Iraqis who were more than willing to use it to rebuild their country and maybe not hate us as much. As a student of history, I can tell you that the Marshall Plan (1948) did more to promote all that is good with the United States than any other thing we ever did (besides helping to defeat the evil tyrants that DECLARED WAR ON US in 1941).

In March 2003, as a student of history, I screamed with wild-eyed sincerity at the stupidity of starting a war that could never be won, even before we invaded Iraq. In fact, I'm sure the neighbors heard me five houses away when I screamed it -- every day for several weeks (even for months and years now).

If we pull out now (which I support fully), and Iraq falls apart (meaning it descends into civil war) or is taken over by the violent Saddam-loving Iraqis -- EITHER OF WHICH IS PROBABLY A FOREGONE CONCLUSION -- then the conservative, loudmouth, ignorant, uneducated, John Wayne-admiring, simpleton American conservatives will have the luxury of blaming the democrats and liberals for the "loss" of Iraq; and they will then feel free to make the same mistake in the future in some other country (when they inevitably fool just barely enough born-again Americans to vote for them), which will cost us even more American lives.

The fact is that Iraq was lost the second the conservative, loudmouth oil-loving, greedy jerks invaded it (using patriotic young Americans to do their dirty work for them); however, the knowledge of that fact will be lost for decades to come because the conservative, loudmouth, oil-loving, greedy jerks aren't allowed to sacrifice more American lives to prove to us that they are wrong.

Any questions?

You know I'm playing devil's advocate here, right? Even though I totally mean it.

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