Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Trojan Horse Party

The following is an observation of an independent voter (me):

Bad people with lots of money, power and sinister motives have learned to choose their electors wisely.

The Set Up
Most Americans would probably agree that democrats tend to vote across party lines more than republicans do. Republican voters, on the other hand, have traditionally shown a very stubborn loyalty to candidates and elected officials of their own party. They tend to remain loyal to those candidates and elected officials even when they are caught telling serious lies or engaging in illegal behavior. In fact, republican voters seem to be completely unwilling to admit that anyone in the republican leadership is capable of making mistakes or of engaging in illegal activity. (1)

What an Opportunist Would See
Herding republican voters in a particular direction is a snap..., but only if you are "one of them." For instance, if a republican leader (such as George W. Bush) points to a perceived enemy (either foreign or domestic, or real or invented), republican voters will immediately start waving the American flag while eagerly waiting for orders to attack the "enemy" and/or smear any "disloyal" doubters in this country. If a democratic leader (such as Bill Clinton) points to a perceived enemy, republican voters immediately accuse him of pulling a selfish ratings stunt.

Trying to herd democratic voters in any direction, on the other hand, is like trying to herd cats. They are an unwieldy collection of loosely allied groups who can barely agree with one another half the time. They have allied themselves with one another merely for the sake of political convenience (since the two-party system is entrenched in this country). If either republican or democratic leaders point to a perceived enemy (either foreign or domestic, or real or imagined), many democratic voters (and independent voters) will march in protest and demand proof of the government's claims before they will lend their support to such a cause. (2)

An Opportunist Makes His Decision
Now please tell me, if you were a wealthy, greedy, power-hungry individual with sinister motives, and you wanted to fool the largest number of voters into voting for you and defending you blindly once you were elected, which group of Americans would you choose to hoodwink? Would you try to smooth-talk an unwieldy collection of loosely allied groups who can barely agree with one another half the time? Or would you smooth-talk those voters who are blindly, fanatically loyal to their party, no matter how corrupt their candidates or leaders might be? If I were a greedy, sinister, corrupt power broker, and I wanted to fool the greatest number of voters into voting for me, I would definitely campaign as a republican and spout all sorts of patriotic and democrat-bashing clich├ęs. Depending on where I live in this country (Nebraska, for instance), I would almost certainly win the election in a landslide.

In Conclusion
What this tells us is that those Americans who are the most patriotic of all are also the most gullible in allowing evil people to take over our country. The Republican party has come to resemble the famous Trojan Horse, and republican voters are the Trojan soldiers who are unwittingly bringing the bad guys into the fort. I wish republican voters would keep that in mind from now on. I fear that it is too late, though. The damage has been done. The evil people are already in power (thanks, in part, to gullible voters and to the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004), and they will find every way they can never to relinquish that power again. (3)


(1) Such blind loyalty might, in part, be attributable to the almost thirty years of incessant conservative propaganda that has thoroughly demonized the democratic party. This propaganda seems to have left most moderate republicans completely afraid to vote for any democratic candidate, even when they cannot stand the republican candidate. Even when members of the republican leadership are caught red handed engaging in illegal activities, republican voters usually rationalize that they did it because that is the only way for "decent, patriotic American leaders" to get around "evil liberal" judges and politicians, as well as the "liberal" media. Breaking the law is the only way they can fight the "good fight" in order to "save" America.

(2) By the way, nourishing a healthy suspicion of our government's activities is exactly how the Founding Fathers intended for Americans to act.

(3) Thanks to rigged voting machines (a fact proven by several official tests) that are manufactured by virulently pro-republican corporations.


JimH said...

The other day, I heard a number of Goebbels guotes assuring the Germans that Hitler was not trying to occupy Europe. Instead, he was actually trying to bring them freedom and provide a better life for everyone if not for the obstruction of the liberals, who must be evil at heart not to be able to understand and support the basic goodness of the German people.

The fact that the same propaganda is being repeated word-for-word today with the same results seems to indicate that it is a well understood and reliable procedure. As a lefty observing conservatives, it seems to me that 60% of conservatives will have such a strong need to be good guys fighting evil that they don't want to question either the salesman or whether or not the results are anything that they would want to live with. They are uncomfortable untill they have constructed an authoritarian environment united in it's defense against evil outsiders.

On the other hand, taking myself as an example of a lefty, I have voted democratic in reaction to the blood-thirstiness and sneering social darwinism coming from the right. In the process, I didn't notice that the Democrats were also on board for empire, wars, free trade, and covering up lies and pretexts like Oklahoma City, and 9-11.

I like socialism because it addresses the elite powerbases in banking and business and would bring them under democratic control. Even then, we would still be rubbing the propaganda fog from our eyes for a while. The Cubans claim to still be affected by it.

MJW said...

JimH, I agree with everything you wrote, except that no political system will ever eradicate the worst elements of human nature. No matter what political system we have, there will always be selfish, greedy, evil people who will corrupt it and use it for their own purposes. Nonetheless, and in spite of humanity, the least evil of all the systems would be democratic socialism; however, the majority of Americans of all ages are far too brainwashed ever to believe it.

As for what you say about the democrats, have you read my entry entitled, Democracy - WWF Style?