Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Power of Nightmares


When something gets me really worked up, I have trouble writing about it. I have to force myself to limit the number of superlative words that I am tempted to use. And my descriptions of the individuals in question become more personal, to the point where they resemble insults, but are actually accurate portrayals of those individuals.

By way of an introduction, let me quote my last paragraph: "Here's my proof: The Power of Nightmares."

Tonight I learned that my intuition about the neocons has been based on solid, verifiable fact for the past 26 years, not just a strong gut feeling. Of course, I always knew this, but I could never prove it before. Why did I always know it? Because I entered adulthood just as they started to take power. As a result of that terribly sad fact, I have had a front-row seat to their shenanigans ever since.

Neocons are children, mentally and emotionally. And just like children (or, more accurately, just like selfish, self-righteous, arrogant, spoiled children), they see this extremely complicated world in very simple, black-and-white terms. What's worse, they are completely incapable of seeing it any other way. I just didn't realize HOW right I was about them until I clicked the link in the second, sixth and final paragraphs (if I link to it enough times, will that convince you that I really want you to watch it?).

What's even sadder for all of us is the fact that they are also the dumbest, most deceitful children in the world (that's a fact, not an insult), yet they honestly consider themselves to be intellectuals.

Don't take my word for it, though. Watch the documentary, The Power of Nightmares. You may think you have the ability to prove the producers wrong in their depiction of the neocons, but you don't. I have only watched part one, so far, so it is possible that the producers don't go far enough in revealing the depths to which these people, backed by the military-industrial complex, would sink to achieve their agenda.

Question: What ALWAYS happens when dumb people gain power?

Answer: The truly greedy, powerful, evil people (in this case the CEOs of the military-industrial complex) take maximum advantage of them. Together, they are destroying this once-great nation for purposes of truly naive idealism and truly disgusting greed.

We now see what happens in a very complicated world when people with childish fantasies get their hands on the reigns of power.

Here's my proof: The Power of Nightmares.


Sal said...

Thank you so much for your blog, let's me know I'm not just another crazy guy in San Francisco...

MJW said...

You're welcome. Yes, there are crazy people in Nebraska too. ;-)

Swim said...

sal and mjw:

I got here because mjw, you commented at my site. Thank you for this tremendous find.

Sal, I am a native San Franciscan and you are NOT crazy.

Mjw, I have linked this at my site and I thank you for visiting mine. I linked you and spread word of this via firedoglake. Thanks. And don't be a stranger.

MJW said...

Thank you very much, Swim. I suspect I will have to keep my site updated a bit more often now. ;-) That's really hard for me to do because this administration and the military-industrial complex that backs them really makes me lose hope a lot of the time. When I lose hope, I don't write. Then I finally get angry enough again, and the ideas just spill out.

As for your comment to Sal, I hope you will go to his site and tell him what you wrote here, because he may not visit this particular entry again.

I will visit your site again, ASAP (it's very late right now). Thank you again.


Swim said...

Don't lose the faith. They want you disenfranchised. They want you to feel powerless. The want and need your compliance. They want you to walk into , willingly this pit of dispair. Its ALL lies. Last night on FDL the late nite thread was about community. The community we are growing with eachother. Go give it a read. Check comments because that's where some of the really good stuff is. Take care. Come over to my site and check out the lake, the water is fine.

MJW said...

Swim: Don't lose the faith.

MJW: I haven't really lost faith in myself. I've lost faith in the American people to snap out of their comas. In fact, I've been working on an entry about that for a while now. It's too long and goes in too many directions right now. I have to keep fine tuning it before I publish it.

Swim: They want you disenfranchised. They want you to feel powerless.

MJW: I know. I agree with you. But it's like trying not to lie down and fall asleep when you are lost in a blizzard. Too many people have already started dozing off, and it is a major chore to keep them conscious while also fighting off the effects myself. I will never give up, though.

Swim: Last night on FDL the late nite thread was about community.

MJW: I agree. For decades the mainstream media had a monopoly on the dissemination of information. The rest of us could not get our voices heard anywhere without considerable cost and without facing the reality of limited distribution. The republican corporate control of the MSM for the past 18 years (at a minimum) has made it even worse. The Internet came along just BARELY in the nick of time to free us from those lying propagandists and their controllers. The truth is now flowing freely around those anti-democratic PR firms.

Swim: Go give it a read. Check comments because that's where some of the really good stuff is.

MJW: Until a few months ago, I read FDL all the time, and commented there frequently. I am also an addict of the comments sections of most web sites. I gain a lot of incentive from reading other people's comments.

Swim: Take care. Come over to my site.

MJW: I promise to do so.

Swim said...'s the best advice of all:


MJW said...

It seems as if it would be a pretty simple decision, doesn't it?

Kathleen said...

Hmmm, I think I've been telling you to move out of Nebraska for at least a year....

You do know that Sal is my friend, right?