Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No, Really! It Was a Whitewash

What do the following people have in common, besides their overall employer?

John M. Cole, Former Veteran Intelligence Operations Specialist; FBI

John Vincent, Retired Special Agent, Counterterrorism; FBI

Robert Wright, Veteran Special Agent, Counterterrorism; FBI

Sibel Edmonds, Former Language Specialist; FBI

Behrooz Sarshar, Former Language Specialist; FBI

Mike German, Special Agent, Counterterrorism; FBI

Gilbert Graham, Retired Special Agent, Counterintelligence; FBI

Coleen Rowley, Retired Division Counsel; FBI

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, DIA

Dick Stoltz, Retired Special Agent; ATF

Bogdan Dzakovic, Former Red Team Leader; FAA

Linda Lewis, Retired Emergency Programs Specialist; USDA

Mark Burton, Senior Analyst; NSA

Click this link to find out. If you feel you really must, then please skim the article until you get to the list of people I've just mentioned. There you will find a brief paragraph following each name that details their mistreatment by a certain group of biased sham artists. The true Americans among you might get a bit angry at our government as you read. If you do, then great. That's what I want.


Swim said...

nice post..good find...yesterday over at fdl Jennifer Nix did posts on the ABC show...good reading.

MJW said...

Thanks, Swim. I am on Sibel Edmonds' emailing list (the only one I've ever joined), so I get her updates occasionally.

Have you listened to this radio interview with David Ray Griffin? There is one moment, quite a ways into the interview, where he makes an absolutely spectacular, undeniable example of how easy it is for hundreds of people to participate in a massive cover up. It is the best proof that massive cover ups are quite real and quite possible.